Our Story

In August of 2011 Mike was at home watching The Kayak Fishing Show on TV. Since Mike already enjoyed scuba diving from his kayak he thought it would be fun to try kayak fishing too. So on labor day weekend Mike went to Matlacha, Florida and stayed at the Sun and Moon Inn where the Kayak Fishing show was filmed. After fishing for a short time (a real short time) Mike broke his fishing rod in the mangroves. Later that night he headed out to the local Sports Authority to purchase a new fishing rod. While shopping he ran into an old acquaitance of his Lucas.

The next day Mike and Lucas met for breakfast at the Twisted Lemon Cafe in Cape Coral. Lucas is an experienced fisherman with his own flats boat. They discussed the differences between fishing off of a kayak and a boat. Mike expressed how hard it was to fish with the wind and the current pushing him around all the time. Lucas said what he needed was an anchor that was attached to the kayak, easy to use and did not use ropes.

There was nothing out there like what Lucas was describing. Mike really had a hard time understanding what Lucas was describing to him. So Lucas began drawing his concept on a napkin. In just a few minutes the unique design of the Swivel Stick shallow water anchor was born. On that day an old friendship was renewed and a partnership was formed. After two years of testing and a few redesigns the Swivel Stick is ready for the world to see.