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SWSTBRA-014   1/4 inch brackets
SWSTCC-105   Concave/Convex Mounting brackets
custship   custom shipping
customgriffin   griffin custom order
swimisc   misc product custom
SWSTNU-020   Nucanoe Classic bracket
SWSTSCR-000   Screws (for concave/convex)
SWSTPO-005   Swivel Stake Out Pole
SWSTAN-001   Swivel Stick Anchor
SWSTCS-008   Swivel Stick Cork Screw Tip
SWSTEX-101   Swivel Stick Extension 1 FT
SWSTEX-102   Swivel Stick Extension 2 FT
SWSTTEE-2XL   Swivel Stick Long Sleeve Tshirt
SWSTTEE-L01   Swivel Stick Long Sleeve Tshirt
SWSTTEE-XL01   Swivel Stick Long Sleeve Tshirt
SWSTSH-007   Swivel Stick Shackle End w/ D-Ring
SHOWTTW   The Twister
SWSTPH-006   The Pole Holder
SWSTWV-009   The Swivel

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